Property Service Overview

Winmore UK Management UK Ltd. (Winmore UK) specialises in helping Chinese property investors and owners in the UK.

UK properties have always been a sought after investment class, with a track record of high returns and traceable growth, they are known for their stability and safety.

For years, the UK's housing supply has been lagging population growth. This supply and demand imbalance is expected to continue for some time to come.

In addition, property prices in the UK are now at a relatively low level, particularly in prime London, which has been negatively affected by factors such as Brexit and stamp duty.

In light of the macro environment internationally and domesticly, it is an ideal time for Chinese investors to invest in UK properties to take advantage of the attractive pricing, exchange rate and for asset allocation purpose.

Whether you're investing in a property to live in or to let, whether you prefer short-term cash return or long-term value appreciation, we are here to help.

Services & Process