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Winmore UK endeavors to become the most trustworthy, professional and efficient service provider for overseas students and their families in the UK.

The UK education sector has always been sought after worldwide thanks to its high standard of teaching, English as a universal language, and its short duration, to name a few. In the meantime, the UK is an attractive student destination also because of its long history, diverse culture, high standard of living and safe environment.

Reportedly there are already more than 100 thousand Chinese students in the UK today. This number is growing year on year, and we are witnessing more and more younger Chinese students coming to the UK.

However, the focus of most Chinese overseas study agents is on school application and language training, which help the student secure a position in a UK school (the 'pre-study abroad stage', but not so much on the student's life when he/she is actually in the UK (the 'study abroad stage'). It is the latter that finally helps him/her realise the value to studying in the UK.

With our dedicated expert team and collaboration with diverse organisations, Winmore UK is here to help overseas students and their families in the UK.

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A one-stop shop that fulfills the needs of overseas students and their families in the UK

Guardianship and homestays service for young students (<18)

Student rental accommodations

Study support

School & subject applications

Mental & legal advice

Career management


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Why Us

  • Cover major UK cities and school areas
  • Team comprises of education specialists, legal experts, mental health experts, property experts, business elites and model students, all of us have experience studied, worked and lived many years in the UK, can can provide holistic support to you based on first hand experience
  • Work closely with major UK schools and universities, corporate and institutions to offer more and better opportunities for students
  • Chinese / English bilingual services
  • Timely communication with students and parents through Wechat, QQ, Messenger, and Whatsapp
  • Conscientiousness, meticulousness, focus on quality and efficiency
  • Client discretion guaranteed

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Customer Feedback

We wanted to take advantage of the cheap British Pound at the moment to invest in a UK property, and to achieve effective asset allocation. With professional help from Winmore UK, we are very pleased to have successfully purchased a house at a satisfactory price. Subsequently we also asked Winmore UK to let and manage our property. With their help, the property achieved superior return to our investment, and we do not have to worry about being remote from the property.


Our daughter was admitted to Imperial College. To facilitate her study as well as considering the the long term value creation's potential, we decided to buy an apartmenet in London. A friend recommended Winmore UK. Representatives from Winmore UK carefully listened to your needs and offered valuable advice on the appropriate investment strategy. Now we are the proud owner of a nice London house. Without Winmore UK's help, we would not have achieved our goal of owning a London home so easily.

Mrs. Wang

Some cities covered

Chelsea, London

伦敦 - 切尔西

City of London


Marylebone, London

伦敦 - 马里波恩

Islington, London

伦敦 - 伊斯灵顿

Notting Hill, London

伦敦 - 诺丁山

Battersea, London

伦敦 - 巴特西

Hampstead, London

伦敦 - 汉普斯泰德

Knightsbridge, London

伦敦 - 骑士桥









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